AnimeWorld Chicago 2012 Cosplay Photos

This weekend was AnimeWorld Chicago. I believe it’s a fairly newish convention in the Chicagoland area which is noticable in how small it is. Here are the cosplay photos I took at the convention… AnimeWorld Chicago 2012 Cosplay Gallery.

For my thoughts about the convention hit the link below to read more.

If I’m not mistaken this is either the first or second year for AnimeWorld Chicago. It was held at the Hyatt Regency in Rosemont, IL. (You know… the one that Acen is in.) AnimeWorld shared the hotel with several other events including a wedding and a business luncheon. This wasn’t too bad and probably helped on cutting down costs.

I only went during Saturday and stayed for about 3 hours until I decided to check out the summer festival at Mitsuwa, the Japanese market, which is about 30 minutes away.

The Dealer/Artist Alley room was very small. I estimate about 20 artists and maybe 15 or less dealers. This would be a great convention to go to if you’re a local artist since you don’t have much compeititon. XD

One nice thing about small conventions is there’s barely any wait for registration. Above is a photo of the registration line. The thing that got me though was the badge pricing. It was $24.95 and then tax was extra. I can’t remember any other convention charging tax… but even if they had to it’d be nice to include it in the badge price and then round to the nearest dollar. So paying $28 for Saturday would have been less of a downer than getting there and finding out that the badge really isn’t $24.95 but rather $27 and some odd cents after tax. The amount didn’t bother me, it was just the expectation of paying one thing and finding out there was additional costs that got to me.

Cosplays were good, and about what I’d expect for a convention that size. It seemed like 1/10th of the cosplays were from Homestuck. So if you’re into that you’d love it. One thing with cosplay is I wish I had posted an ad for private photoshoots on the convention forums. There was hardly anyone outside of the hotel so a photographer could have free reign of the place in choosing photo locations!

Their hallway cosplay contest was pretty cool on how it was setup. They took photos of cosplayers and displayed them in a slideshow on a tv. Then attendees could vote on their favorite one… or rather which person looked most like the character they dressed up as. Above is a photo of the setup they had for the contest.

As for the staff, they were friendly and well-informed. The whole air to the convention seemed relaxed and enjoyable.

In closing I hope that this convention continues to grow. It’d be great to have another well established anime convention in the Chicago-land area.

If you have a moment head on over and check out the AnimeWorld Insider website. You’ll be able to find articles about panels from the convention as well as anime industry news and editorials.

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