Soul Evans – Soul Eater Photoshoot from Ramencon 2012

Saturday night at Ramencon I did a second photoshoot with Pockytheif in her Soul “Eater” Evans cosplay. It was my first time using Rogue Flashbenders as my lighting modifier. They’re really awesome how versatile they are. I switched from bounce card to softbox to snoot. If you’re a photographer I’d recommend checking them out sometime.

In the meantime check out the photos from the Soul Eater Photoshoot ยป

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2 Responses to “Soul Evans – Soul Eater Photoshoot from Ramencon 2012”

  1. heekun says:

    Interesting angles! I’ve heard of flashbenders, but how did you use it as a softbox?

    • admin says:

      Thank you! There’s an optional diffuser that you can buy for the flashbenders that turns them into a softbox. It works fairly decent and is ultra portable.

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