Preparing for Youmacon 2010

In a few hours I’ll be heading into Detroit to attend my first Youmacon. I’ve stocked up on some of the essentials to keep me running.

Snacks for Youmacon - Pucca, Pokka, Green Tea, Rip Its, Pocky


I’ll be posting images a few times each day for those that want to see the insanity.

To cut costs I’m staying at a Red Roof Inn about 30 minutes outside of Detroit. I have to thank McDonalds for their free wifi. I got lost and without it I probably would still be driving around right now trying to find the hotel.

What a great hotel though. I’ll take some photos later and post them. It was insanely cheap as well after I used a coupon code I found online. Basically, what I’m paying for 3 nights is less than what I’d be paying for one night in downtown Detroit.

Ok, enough rambling, I have to get going!

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