Youmacon 2010: Day 1 Review

Super Long Registration Line for Youmacon

See the line above? Now multiply that  by about 10x and you’ll get the full length of the registration line where I spent the first 3.5 hours at the convention. I think next year they might want more than just four people accepting registrations behind the desk.

However, after the wait the rest of the day went really well. Hit the jump to read more…

Renaissance Center in Detroit Michigan

The convention is in the Renaissance Center in Detroit, MI. It’s located right on the river so you can look across and see Canada. Actually, Canada is soo close TMobile thought I was hanging with the moose and mounties and  told me I was roaming internationally.

During the day I met a lot of cool people along with one of my childhood heroes – Hulk Hogan!

Hulk Hogan Cosplayer

Among the other cool people I met was a videographer and a photographer.

The videographer is acksonl. His rig consists of  7D with a steadicam harness system along with a 5D mkII mounted on a shoulder rig. You can check out his epic videos here…

The photographer… um… I didn’t catch his name but you can check out his pictures here…  If I remember right, he shoots with a Nikon. So we are enemies. Long live Canon!… just kidding. (*update* I have since switched over to the dark side and now am a proud Nikon owner)

I think I’ll write an entry dedicated to the types of photographers I’ve seen at conventions.

Security was pretty strict at this convention. They hired some mercenaries to shoot kids in the feet if they don’t wear shoes in the convention center/hotel. Least they were kind enough to let me photograph them.

Modern Warfare Ghost Cosplayer

I’ll be posting all the cosplay photos I’ve taken after the convention but I thought this one was cute enough to share. My guess is that he’s about 5 years old.

Well it’s about time I take my cue from this cosplayer and get some shut-eye so I can conquer another day at the con tomorrow.

One Piece Sleeping Cosplayer

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